Bilqees Allie is the Production Director at Highbury Media. One of Highbury’s first and longest standing employees, she first began as an advertising traffic controller in 1998, and was promoted to a production manager before earning her leadership role. She recently celebrated her 20th anniversary at Highbury, and has been a member of its board since 2010. She still loves the business as much as she did at the start.

“I am fortunate to love my job. I enjoy the interactions with all the people and the teams that work together at Highbury. I love seeing others grow and develop and the feeling of accomplishment I get when we’re pushed up against a deadline.”

When she’s not on deadline, you can find her curled up, relaxing with a great read, like a darkly comedic novel such as Sarah Wiman’s When God Was A Rabbit, or a great classic, like To Kill A Mockingbird. But there’s no e-reader for Bilqees; she’s likes to page-turn a real book.