Becoming Highbury Media’s Financial Director has been serendipitous for Lindsey Makrygiannis. A chartered accountant with international experience, she’s had a love for reading magazines ever since she was a kid.

“Highbury was my first client when I was completing my Chartered Accountant (CASA) qualification. I’ve been obsessed with magazines since I was a teenager and all I wanted to do was work in the industry.”

Lindsey joined the company, and its board, in 2011. She completed a post graduate diploma in accounting after receiving her Bachelor of Commerce and articled at Deloitte in Cape Town. Lindsey went on to spend the next four years working in the US and Australia, before returning home to Cape Town.

Beyond her demanding role with Highbury, Lindsey keeps busy with family life and two young boys. Greek by marriage, she has spent the past six years learning to love the language, and the rich mix of family life, pageantry and special occasions of the culture. The combination may leave her with little down time, but she strives for balance. When she’s not at Highbury, she can often be found climbing Cape Town’s mountains with her kids, and enjoying beach time in the summer.