Tracey Stewart is the legal director of Highbury Media.

She joined the media company in 2014, and its board of directors in 2015, after having spent part of her career in the private sector as a practising commercial attorney.

“There has never been a dull moment in my time at Highbury. I am constantly challenged with the rapid pace at which this industry develops as well as the pace at which this particular business grows. Each growth phase requires a very strategic risk analysis and legal approach.”

Tracey completed her law degree at the University of Stellenbosh and is an admitted attorney in the high court of South Africa.

When she’s not working to protect the interests of Highbury, Tracey is an avid traveller, and a lover of summer weather, good food and great wine. She practices yoga, and finds time for her favourite magazines like My Kitchen, as well as blogs, news and crime novels. She’s developed a thing for pod casts recently, and can be found listening in for inspiration and true crime stories.

She’s also a legal expert content producer for CapeTownEtc. Anyone who followed the sensational Van Breda murder trail will know Tracey’s prolific content stream around the trail for CapeTownEtc, where her stories and videos gained credibility and following for their informative legal perspective.

Follow her @traceyams on Twitter. Instagram fans can catch up with Tracey and her Ragdoll cat there, or even in Cape Town’s Company Gardens, where she’s been known to take him on long walks.