Toyota Fortuner 4×4 Challenge

Overview of the Campaign:

Are You Fit Enough To Win A Fortuner!?’

That was the question Highbury Media asked our readers and followers in our 2018 Toyota Fortuner 4×4 challenge campaign. 2018 saw Toyota run this successful competition for the third consecutive year, with the challenge pairing four professional athletes (heroes) with four Toyota fans (contestants), each representing a media house, to battle it out in a tough two-day physical and mental challenge in a bid to drive home in a brand-new Toyota Fortuner.

Highbury media’s 360-degree media campaign ran for three months. Engaging with readers and followers on many platforms, enticing them to enter the competition, to create even more hype, and to give those Toyota enthusiasts who are less inclined to get down and dirty a chance to win as well. Toyota ran a second campaign simultaneously. Fans were prompted to back their favourite hero for the challenge, all those picking the winning hero would be entered into a lucky draw to win a second Toyota Fortuner.

How did we execute it:

Having worked with Toyota on this challenge for the past two years through Getaway and Leisure Wheels, we expanded the program to include SA Rugby and FitLife, to reach more fitness and vehicle-crazed South Africans.

As we had successfully chosen the winning contestant for two years running, we once again created a Facebook competition to find four semi-finalist for our titles, each winning a Garmin Fenix 5 Multisport Plus watch. From the semi-finalists, our panel of judges then further selected the overall finalist that went on to not only win a Reebok Active Gear and a Specialised Epic Comp mountain bike, valued at R40 000, but also attended the challenge, representing Highbury Media in battle against the other teams for the ultimate prize of a brand new Toyota Fortuner 2.4 GD-6 4×4 AT, valued at R522 100.

Higbury Media’s 360-degree campaign:

We utilised our titles’ every available channel to promote the competition, the challenge, the heroes, the prizes and the vehicle. Editorial features, cover call-outs, promotional pages, social media posts, pop-up web windows, newsletters and custom-created videos were created and used during the three months leading up to the event.

We utilised the fact that both the 2016 and 2017 winners were from our stable and created storylines around them and what it takes to win this challenge. Our content around the heroes not only promoted the possibility that the readers / followers could stand a chance to team up with a hero and through that promote the challenge, but also assist in creating awareness for the broader back your hero campaign.


Through our multiple platforms we executed a successful campaign that created a strong awareness for the Toyota Fortuner 4×4 Challenge. Not only driving hundreds to enter but also creating a hype about the heroes, prizes and competition in general. Our panel of Judges went through hundreds of contestants to choose Jackie Moore as our first ever female representative. Jackie was our Getaway semi-finalist, and the judges felt she had the strongest possibility of brining home the trophy for Highbury. She was teamed up with Toyota hero, Cheetah’s rugby player, Ox Nchè.

Brandon Hulley, representing Primedia, was a fierce contestant and ultimately walked away with the new Fortuner. But Jackie did us proud and managed to come first and second in a number of the challenges during the event.