Highbury Media takes over Ramsay Media

Effective October 2, 2017, Highbury Media will take over Ramsay Media including Getaway, Leisure Wheels, Popular Mechanics and CAR magazines.
Starting Monday, Highbury will begin assessing the operations, and the management of the business.
According to CEO Kevin Ferguson, Highbury Media is excited to begin managing the magazines as part of its family of successful media brands.
“Highbury is in an enviable position. We’ve grown and developed despite the industry shifts. We have proven that forward-thinking operators can excel, even as our business models continue to shift in this business. I’ve always been an admirer of Ramsay Media and a fan of these magazine titles. When the opportunity presented itself to have an impact on their future, I knew it was an opportunity too good to pass on for Highbury. It’s an exciting announcement for Highbury and we look forward to working closely with the teams at Ramsay to build and grow together.”
Details of the takeover deal are not being disclosed.
Highbury Media is one of the largest independent magazine publishers in South Africa with an established track record in creating world-class content for print and digital media www.hsm.co.za.
Media queries, contact: Tracey Stewart [email protected]

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